Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Feel the Rainbow, Stop the Hate."

MN's own Robert Erickson (Nick Espinosa) began a peaceful form of activism, "Feel the Rainbow". While in MN, Newt Gingrich was the first to have this glittering experience. I thought Newt took it in stride yet seemed a bit disgusted. Mn's own Michele Bachmann felt the glittery rainbow in her home state. She continued on her way as if it had not happened. I cannot determine if she took it in stride or was oblivious to the fact that it had occurred. Some have stated opinion that they see this act as an assault on both Gingrich and Bachmann. Mn's own Tim Pawlenty traveled to San Francisco where he, too, felt the glittery rainbow! Those appearing to be his bodyguards  acted quickly to protect him from the threat of the pink shredded paper tossed on the table before him. Although it has been reported otherwise, it appeared to me that he smiled and seemed a bit entertained. I applaud his display of Mid-Western spirit. He appeared to not seem threatened by an act that held no danger. I appreciate that he didn't major in the minor. Feel the Rainbow consists of throwing glitter in an attempt to bring awareness to laws and legislation based on the sexual preference of individuals. The original slogan being, "Feel the Rainbow, stop the hate."
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