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This link is a must see;


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People Coming from All Over Minnesota to Meet, Discuss and Decide at Occupy MN Event

I am looking forward to meeting concerned citizens in my state, deciding together what changes need to be made and how to make them. People from all over MN
will begin "Occupying" at;
                            The Hennepin County Government Center Plaza
                                               (The People's Plaza)
                                                 300 South 6th Street
                                                        Minneapolis, MN 55487-0999                    

on Friday, October 7th, 2011 9 A.M. thru whenever we are finished. Days, weeks,

More info at; "Official" Mpls, and MN #OccupyWallStreet Site Better yet, come
 down, find out yourself and be a voice.                         

                             "Official" Donate to Occupy Minnesota in Mpls.

                               Occupy MPLS, MN on Youtube;Occupy TV 

What do You Think of the Occupy Wall Street Protests?

It is clear to me that many don't understand the new movement, #OccupyWallStreet. I have seen reporters  give their opinions and opinions, of course, vary. I am getting involved because I want America to be united once more (hence my blog's name). I don't want the "sides" that we have seen between "Left", "Right", "Democrat". "Republican, "Liberal", Conservative", etc. I believe reform is necessary in order to once more have a Government of the People, by the People, and for the People. I look forward to having honest, open, respectful conversations with many Americans from all walks, economic classes, political views, etc. Together, we will find viable solutions for everyone's concerns. This is not about BEING right or wrong it is about doing what is right which is voted on by all willing to be involved. Everyone is welcome.
Please comment and tell me your opinion!

"If the People Lead, the Leaders will Follow." ~ Mahatma Ghandi 
"The Banks got Bailed Out - We got Sold Out" ~ Occupiers

Here is information to see for yourself;
Here are some of my favorite informative links;

Here are links to sites maintained by the original "Occupiers" in New York. I recommend checking these for updates to see for yourself what is happening;

There are hundreds of "Official" Facebook Pages for individual cities, internationally!

IMO - Being as there are no leaders and everyone's voice matters, I call these sites, "Official" meaning that those that have already chosen to be involved have together chosen to put this information online. Other sites are personal opinions that matter but do not necessarily speak for the consensus.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

We Need Jobs

I Copied E-mail from Richard Trumka;

We need jobs. Not unfair trade agreements.

Millions of people who are ready, willing and able to work are unemployed or underemployed. But instead of focusing on job creation, Congress is getting ready to take up unfair, job-offshoring trade deals.

With more than 25 million people desperately searching for full-time jobs, the last thing our leaders should focus on is these unfair trade deals. It’s the wrong thing to do, and it’s a huge distraction from our jobs crisis.

Tell Congress: Get moving on jobs, and drop these unfair trade deals. Then, be ready to join our national call-in day this Tuesday. With your help, we’ll make our voices heard by flooding Congress with calls and messages.

Here’s why the three pending trade agreements are a bad deal for working families:
  • The Korea agreement is the biggest trade deal since NAFTA. It would displace an estimated 159,000 net U.S. jobs, mostly in manufacturing.
  • Colombia is the most dangerous place in the world for trade unionists. So how can we reward it with a free trade agreement? In 2010, 51 trade unionists were assassinated in Colombia—more than in the rest of the world combined. So far in 2011, another 22 have been killed, despite Colombia’s heralded “Labor Action Plan.” Would we reward a country where 51 CEOs were killed last year?
  • And Panama, with a history of failing to protect workers’ rights, is known as a tax haven for money launderers and tax dodgers.
Past trade deals like NAFTA have been miserable failures for working people—and these new deals follow in NAFTA’s footsteps. Working people need to make our voices heard.

Please e-mail Congress now. Then get ready to join our national call-in day this Tuesday. With your help, we’ll flood Congress with calls and messages to make our voices heard.

In Solidarity,

Richard L. Trumka
President, AFL-CIO

To find out more about the AFL-CIO, please visit our website at

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