Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Let's Stand With Our President and Pull This Country Together

I loved the President's speech tonight! I was pleased that some of our (R) officials tweeted support. The question is; will they act? Many other (R) officials tweeted lies, hate and division. All (D) official responses that I saw were supportive and some very excited! I think we have our work cut out for us this year in sending a clear message to the obstructionists in Congress that they are NOT supported by many! The President and some Members of Congress have been trying to make the changes the President spoke of for some time but are blocked. If they had acted last year, the country would be in better shape. Their inaction increased the debt, and caused many other problems that they created so they could try to shift the blame. We can't have another year of this! I truly think that the majority of Americans feel this way. The ones that don't are just very LOUD. Every poll I have seen shows that Congress is disliked much more than the President. I think there are really few obstructionists in Congress but they are leaders and are able to keep the bloc voting going on. People did a great job on Twitter voicing their irritation with Members of Congress that put out the same statements we have been hearing from them for too long. The President was "campaigning"? Is he supposed to go into hiding and not address citizens because it's election season? I remember hearing this last fall BEFORE election season! I find these statements as insulting the intelligence of Americans.
I hope many citizens get involved and stand with President Obama. When we have elected leaders in Congress whose goals it is to divide our United States, we must come together and stop these few. We can't wait for November to come rolling around. They have already put off necessary changes or forced unnecessary changes for too long while mis-informing the public in order to rally support.
I think one of the best things we can do is pay attention to credible sources being sure to have truths. I have several links on my page to Government reports. President Obama has continued to make information available to us. Some of these reports are created for Congress to use in making their decisions.
As the President has stated several times, it is very helpful when many people call, email, fax, tweet, Facebook... contact Congress. Our country needs us.
I will continue to get more contact information up. Let's give credit were credit is due and make clear what we find unacceptable.

Link to Contact Congress on Twitter

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