Monday, August 22, 2011

Are These Responses Worthy of a Future President? I Think Not

According to an Article from TPM (<<link) former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum's response to the revolution in Libya;
"Ridding the world of the likes of Gadhafi is a good thing," he wrote. "But this indecisive President had little to do with this triumph."

Michele Bachmann;
"I opposed U.S. military involvement in Libya and I am hopeful that our intervention there is about to end. I also hope the progress of events in Libya will ultimately lead to a government that honors the rule of law, respects the people of Libya and their yearning for freedom, and one that will be a good partner to the United States and the international community."

Do these officials/candidates not realize that their statements are read and seen worldwide?  After the historical events yesterday, I was reading comments made by citizens of Libya. Some were thanking America, President Obama and the countries that have been involved. One claimed that if it had not been for Obama, the revolution would have been genocide. Others encouraged caution. Americans in office should work to build positive relationships throughout the world. The official's disregard for the POTUS is saying to the world that we are divided. Since they cannot figure this out now, they should not ever be Commander in Chief. Apparently, if Congresswoman Bachmann were President, the people of Libya would have been left to fend without us. I hope everyone remembers in 2012 the divided and weak message these candidates are showing the people of the world.

I stand with my President and my country.

To the people of Libya; DEMOCRATIC SOLIDARITY!!!!  
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