Friday, September 16, 2011

Do You Want You're tax Dollars Going To The Already Profitable?

I have heard the false claim, including on a phone call from Chip Cravaack, but also from other TP'rs that the accelerated tax depreciation that companies receive for purchasing a corporate jet was created by Obama and then they slam him for creating it then wanting to do away with it. I have read articles falsely claiming and passed on by intelligent, caring citizens, that Obama wants to institute a ""Luxury Tax" on corporate jets. Another lie. The truth of this matter is that during the Bush years, concern was raised because the American jet industry was in danger because of lack of sales. I have not confirmed the lack of sales but I see no reason to spend my time on it, I have confirmed when the accelerated depreciation began) The accelerated tax depreciation was created in an effort to encourage companies to buy jets in an effort to keep these companies afloat as well as the jobs they provided. This was what I consider an understandable move. It was extended in the 2009 American Recovery Act (Stimulus). Kansas was pleased by this because they have two jet manufacturers there. Unfortunately, last I checked, they are still struggling. Boeing, however, made out like a bandit. So much that they can afford to open a new plant. GREAT! Too bad they have admitted that the state they have chosen to open in was chosen because they do not want employees to Unionize. This admission breaks a law that was instituted to protect American workers. Boeing has a long history of mistreating workers. The NLRB pressed charges. Now, should this go to court, do you think there would be a chance of a situation being worked out to have the company thrive while also treating their workers right? I do. How did our TP(R)'s respond? By by bashing the citizens that have organized to protect workers and a law created 70 years ago by citizens hard efforts. They submitted a bill that has passed in the House to protect the company from the rights of citizens.
So, why do our TP(R)'s refuse to increase revenue by being rid of the accelerated deduction for jet purchases when it only benefits one already extremely profitable company? Do you want your tax dollars to go to helping this very profitable company or to paying down the debt? Do you feel the refusal of the TPR's to eliminate this accelerated depreciation is fiscally responsible? Why do they focus on allowing this SAME company to mistreat workers rather than focusing on the economy? Why do they not explain what I just have rather than create and spread lies about the President of the United States?

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