Friday, September 16, 2011

A Few of the Many Things I Am Appreciative Of

In 2009, President Obama took the already written TARP program and made changes to it that made banks pay back what they had received. I remember many people angered that Congress chose to give tax dollars to the banks that created this mess. Do these same people appreciate Obama getting this money back?

President Obama added to TARP help for citizens that had been taken advantage of by lending institutions. The Affordable Home Mortgage Program. People were angered that banks, who created this mess were bailed out by tax dollars. Do these same people appreciate that Obama made some of this money go to citizens to help keep them in their homes and help the economy? The US is also suing the banks to get the money back.

Banks and credit card companies ripped people off for years. I have hundreds of friends who have spent years on a crusade to help consumers by educating them as to what to watch out for. We have seen thousands, first hand that have been legally robbed!! President Obama was angered by this and put regulations on these to stop this robbery of American citizens from being legal.

It is said President Obama was given a blank check and went on a spending spree. Yes, he spent to care for American Veterans! We have been long overdue for a POTUS that is willing to care for on our Veterans! To me, they are well worth it!
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