Wednesday, October 5, 2011

People Coming from All Over Minnesota to Meet, Discuss and Decide at Occupy MN Event

I am looking forward to meeting concerned citizens in my state, deciding together what changes need to be made and how to make them. People from all over MN
will begin "Occupying" at;
                            The Hennepin County Government Center Plaza
                                               (The People's Plaza)
                                                 300 South 6th Street
                                                        Minneapolis, MN 55487-0999                    

on Friday, October 7th, 2011 9 A.M. thru whenever we are finished. Days, weeks,

More info at; "Official" Mpls, and MN #OccupyWallStreet Site Better yet, come
 down, find out yourself and be a voice.                         

                             "Official" Donate to Occupy Minnesota in Mpls.

                               Occupy MPLS, MN on Youtube;Occupy TV 

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